Beat Drugs Fund

Beat Drugs Fund

Objectives and Scope of the Fund
To promote community efforts to beat drugs, the Government established a Beat Drugs Fund in March 1996 with a capital outlay of HK $350 million. The decision to set up the Fund was made at a drug summit meeting in 1995, which brought together Government bureaux and departments, as well as many organisations in the voluntary sectors engaged in the fight against drug abuse to discuss and to formulate a comprehensive and co-ordinated strategy against drug abuse. Beat drugs fund

The Government injected $3 billion into the Fund in 2010 to generate an enhanced level of funding to support sustained anti-drug efforts of various organisations in the community.

Income generated by the Fund is used to provide financial support to those worthwhile anti-drug projects which meet the funding criteria set down by the Fund. Community-wide anti-drug activities covering preventive education and publicity, treatment and rehabilitation, and research are within the ambit of the fund.

Regular Funding Exercise

Beat Drugs Fund Project Experience Sharing Seminars

Seminar Date
Project Title
2016 Funding Exercise of the Regular Funding Scheme - Briefing Sessions for Interested Applicants

22 & 24 August 2016
(two identical sessions)
2016 Funding Exercise of the Regular Funding Scheme - Briefing Sessions for Interested Applicants

Security Bureau
Narcotics Division
Beat Drugs Fund Regular Funding Scheme General Briefing Session

22 July 2016
Briefing on Beat Drugs Fund Regular Funding Scheme and application procedures

Security Bureau
Narcotics Division

Presentation File
(Chinese version only)
Beat Drugs Alliance - Brief Motivational Intervention for Hidden Substance Abusers

Mr Calvin CHIN
Barnabas Charitable Service Association Limited

Dr MAK Siu King
Department of Surgery, North District Hospital

Dr Flora KO
Department of Occupational Therapy, North District Hospital

Presentation File
Beat Drugs Fund Regular Funding Scheme Experience Sharing Session

20 July 2016
Briefing on Beat Drugs Fund Regular Funding Scheme

Security Bureau
Narcotics Division

Presentation File
(Chinese version only)
ON MY WAY - Community Rehabilitation Project

Ms Jessica NG
(Caritas Hugs Centre, Caritas - Hong Kong)

Presentation File
(Chinese version only)
Cross-sector Collaboration in Treatment and Rehabilitation Programmes

20 November 2015
Project IAPT

Mr Wilson M.H. CHAN 
Mr Kenneth H.H. TSANG
(Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups)

Presentation File

Text File
A targeted urological treatment program for secondary school students abusing psychotropic substance and a territory-wide school-based survey of bladder dysfunction symptoms associated with psychotropic substance abuse

Prof Anthony C.F. NG
(Department of Surgery,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Presentation File

Text File
Cognitive and Vocational Rehabilitation for Drug Rehabilitees

16 October 2015
Handy Occupational Therapy Service (HOTS)

Mr Colin M.K. LAW
Ms Catherine W.Y. LI
(Tuen Mun Substance Abuse Clinic and Occupational Therapy Department of Castle Peak Hospital)

Presentation File

Text File
Cognitive Rehabilitation for Vocational Training of Primarily Ketamine Users: A Randomized Control Trial

Prof David W.K. MAN
(Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Presentation File

Text File
Findings of the Evaluation of Beat Drugs Fund 2010 (First Round) Projects
Findings of the Evaluation of Beat Drugs Fund 2010 (Second Round) and 2011 Projects

Special Funding Scheme for Drug Dependent Persons Treatment and Rehabilitation Centres

[Note: The Applicants should be the specified operators of existing Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Centres operating with a licence or under a Certificate of Exemption (CoE)]
- Special Funding Scheme Manual (PDF Format)
- Application Form (Word Format)

Healthy School Programme with a Drug Testing Component (HSP(DT))

- Projects for the 2016/17 School Year

Anti-drug Community Awareness Building Programme

Supported by the Beat Drugs Fund, the Anti-drug Community Awareness Building Programme is a district-based initiative implemented through 18 District Fight Crime Committees and District Offices of Home Affairs Department. The Programme aims to promote the general awareness of a broader cross-section of the community of the hidden drug problem, as well as to encourage and enable them to play a more active role in drug prevention, early identification and intervention.

- Project Period: June 2013 – March 2015

- Content: Over 60 activities were held under the first round of ACAB Progamme. These include various types of seminars, family-oriented anti-drug initiatives, activity-based initiative for raising general awareness and public education and publicity initiatives for wider dissemination.

For details, please refer to the following booklet related to the Anti-drug Community Awareness Building Programme (2013-2015) (Chinese only)

Booklet on Anti-drug Community Awareness Building Programme (2013-2015)

- Major achievements: The project had reached over 180 000 participants, spreading anti-drug messages to various sectors of the community and enhancing participants’ understanding of the hidden drug abuse problem. Through the project, people in close contact with hidden drug abusers and organisations with different background had been linked together for building up a stronger local anti-drug network at the community and family level. In addition, some districts had solicited support from local organisations to provide additional resources in the district for activities in the anti-drug cause.

- To sustain the efforts in combating hidden drug abuse, the second round of ACAB Programme is launched from 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2018.

Second round of Anti-drug Community Awareness Building Programme (as at end March 2016)(Chinese only)

Donations to Beat Drugs Fund Association

The Beat Drugs Fund Association welcomes community support to the anti-drug cause. Donations to the Beat Drugs Fund Association may be made through the following channels -

By cheque You can send a crossed cheque made payable to "Beat Drugs Fund Association" by mail to the Secretariat of the Beat Drugs Fund Association (Address: 30/F, High Block, Queensway Government Offices, 66 Queensway, Hong Kong) or in person during office hours from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday (closed on public holidays). Please put down your name/organisation, contact telephone number on the back of your crossed cheque. We may be unable to complete the donation process if information is insufficient.
Through bank deposit/bank transfer

Donations can be deposited in the following bank accounts of the Beat Drugs Fund Association:

Bank Account Code
Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd. (HSBC) 004-511-666653-001
Bank of China (BOC) 012-875-0-043862-5

You can also transfer your donations to the above Bank Account through "ATM" electronic teller machines at HSBC, Hang Seng Bank, or member banks of JETCO, or through Internet transfer.

Important Notes:

Donations received will be treated as part of the proceeds of the Beat Drugs Fund income for supporting anti-drug projects.
Each donation will not be earmarked for a particular project or specific purpose.
Donations of cash in person or through mail will not be accepted.
Post-dated cheque will not be accepted.

Issue of Receipts and Tax Exemption

Tax exemption may be granted to donations made to the Beat Drugs Fund Association at HK$100 or above. Receipts issued by the Beat Drugs Fund Association may be used for tax exemption purposes. Donors wishing to have official receipts may complete the Receipt Request Form for Donation to Beat Drugs Fund and return it to Secretariat of the Beat Drugs Fund Association by post, together with acceptable documentary proof of original bank pay-in slip, original receipt from ATM or Internet transfer record.


Enquiries regarding donation to the Beat Drugs Fund Association should be addressed to:

The Beat Drugs Fund Association
c/o Narcotics Division, Security Bureau
30/F, High Block
Queensway Government Offices
66 Queensway Hong Kong

Tel: 2867 2737 / 2867 2762
Fax: 2810 1790
E-mail address:

Personal Information Collection Statement

The information provided by the donors will be used for processing donation or issuance of donation receipt for donation to the Beat Drugs Fund Association and other related purposes. The information provided may be disclosed to members of the Beat Drugs Fund Association, Heads of Bureau/Department and/or their designated officers who are required to handle donation to the Beat Drugs Fund Association and other related matters.

Donors have a right of access and correction with respect to personal data as provided for in sections 18 and 22 and Principle 6 of Schedule 1 of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. Their right of access includes the right to obtain a copy of their personal data provided for the donation purpose. Enquiries concerning the personal data collected, including access and corrections should be addressed to the Secretariat of the Beat Drugs Fund Association.

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The Fund is administered by the Beat Drugs Fund Association which is a non profit-making limited company incorporated under the Companies Ordinance. The Narcotics Division provides secretarial support to the Association.
A Governing Committee under the chairmanship of the Permanent Secretary for Security is set up to decide on the applications to the Fund on the advice of the ACAN. Its terms of reference are :-
  a. to oversee the administration and investment of the Beat Drugs Fund
  b. to consider applications for financial support from the Fund
  c. to decide on the grants having regard to the recommendations of the Action Committee Against Narcotics

To provide expert advice on the investment of the Association's funds, an Investment Sub-committee chaired by the Director of Accounting Services is also set up with the following terms of reference:-

  a. to advise the Governing Committee on an appropriate investment strategy for the Association
  b. within the investment strategy approved by the Governing Committee, to formulate proposals for the acquisition and disposal of investments
  c. to recommend to the Governing Committee the appointment of external investment managers and the terms and conditions of their appointment
  d. to monitor the performance of external investment managers when appointed and to ensure that the guidelines laid down for them are observed
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Projects approved in 1996
Projects approved in 1997
Projects approved in 1998
Projects approved in 1999
Projects approved in 2000
Projects approved in 2001
Projects approved in 2002
Projects approved in 2003
Projects approved in 2004
Projects approved in 2005
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Projects approved in 2010 (First Round)
Projects approved in 2010 (Second Round)
Projects approved in 2011
Projects approved in 2012
Projects approved in 2013
Projects approved in 2014
Projects approved in 2015
Projects approved under the Special Funding Scheme
Project information
Detailed information on individual approved project is available at The Hong Kong Jockey Club Drug InfoCentre
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Project Statistics

Applications to the Fund are normally invited once a year.

Organisations and individuals can apply for the Fund, provided that the projects under application are of a non-profit-making nature. Individual applicants must provide proof that they have obtained support from their affliated organisations for the projects under consideration.

If the applicant is a branch/district organisation affiliated to or under a headquarters or central organisation, or tertiary institution (including its faculty members) in Hong Kong, it must submit its application via the headquarters, central organisation or head of faculty. Each central organisation/faculty of tertiary institution is allowed to submit a maximum of three applications.

Grants disbursed by the Fund will not normally exceed $6 million and the funding period will not normally exceeds three years, except for projects which are regarded by the Association as exceptionally innovative, in which case the maximum grant can be $10 million and the maximum funding duration, five years.

The total maximum grant receivable by a central organisation and its branch/district organisations/tertiary institution will not exceed $15 million.

All applicants are required to fill in an application form. Late applications and applications with insufficient details will not be accepted. Processing of the applications takes about five months to complete. Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their applications in writing. Decisions of the Association in respect of project approvals and disbursement of grants will be final.

In November 2007, the Governing Committee of the Beat Drugs Fund Association, on the recommendation of the Action Committee Against Narcotics, approved the establishment of a Special Funding Scheme under the Beat Drugs Fund to take forward the measures recommended by the Task Force on Youth Drug Abuse which was led by the Secretary for Justice. Applications under the Special Funding Scheme must meet the specific theme and criteria set out in the relevant Guide.

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Advice on the support-worthiness of the applications is first sought from relevant Government departments before consideration by a vetting panel and the Action Committee Against Narcotics. A final decision is made by the Governing Committee of the Beat Drugs Fund Association.
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Successful applicants are required to sign an undertaking to ensure, amongst other things, that the grants are spent specifically for the scope and purposes approved by the Association.

An approved project should be carried out by or under the general direction of the responsible person named in the application form as the grantee who shall be responsible for the conduct of the project.

Applicants provided with grants should start the projects within six months after approval. They should expedite their work on the project and complete them within the indicated time schedule. Applications for extension of deadline will normally not be entertained.

All the information provided in the application is binding on the successful applicants. Successful applicants are required to note in particular that the projected cash flow and implementation schedule of the approved projects should be strictly adhered to.

The grantee shall give appropriate acknowledgement to the Association in the implementation of the approved project, including in all publicity or published materials associated with the project.

The ownership, copyright and all other intellectual property in all AV products, reports, handbooks or such materials so created as a result of the project shall be vested in and belong to the Association. The Association may use the reports or other such materials for any purpose at any time, and the grantee is allowed to use the reports or other such materials for academic pursuits or other good cause with the prior approval of the Association.

Prior approval of the Association is required if the grantee wants to make changes to an approved project's implementation plan or budget (any variations to the cost breakdown should be reported to the Association and the necessary prior approval be sought.)

Successful applicants are requested to publicise or give due acknowledgement to the Fund in their programmes / products where appropriate.

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To ensure that grants from the Beat Drugs Fund are spent cost-effectively, approved projects are monitored by means of:
  half-year progress reports and full project report submitted by grantees within two months after completion of projects;
  visits by Members of the Governing Committee of the Beat Drugs Fund Association, Action Committee Against Narcotics and staff of the Narcotics Division.
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Beat Drugs Fund Association Governing Committee Meeting