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What's New
Amendments to Dangerous Drugs Ordinance to take effect on July 8
Territory-wide campaign against drug abuse launches
Total number of reported drug abusers declines but drug abuse problem among young adults requires attention
Amendments to Dangerous Drugs Ordinance to be gazetted on May 6
Anti-drug Resources ND and related government departments provide various kinds of anti-drug resources to members of the public including parents, teachers and young people for free download and use.
Anti-drug radio segment (Chinese only) Fight Drugs Together 2016 The 2014/15 Survey of Drug Use among Students
Healthy School Programme The Three-year Plan on Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Services in Hong Kong (2015 - 2017) Drug Testing
Report of the Task Force on Youth Drug Abuse Report Drug Crime Seek Help - List of Major Organisations Providing Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Services
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RESCUE Drug Testing Scheme Public Consultation
Anti-drug Telephone Enquiry Service
Drug InfoCentre
2015 Policy Address
Report on the Work of the Current-term Government in its Fourth Year
2015-16 Budget