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What's New
Beat Drugs Fund invites grant applications for 2016 Funding Exercise of the Regular Funding Scheme
Amendments to Dangerous Drugs Ordinance to take effect on July 8
Territory-wide campaign against drug abuse launches
Total number of reported drug abusers declines but drug abuse problem among young adults requires attention
Anti-drug Resources ND and related government departments provide various kinds of anti-drug resources to members of the public including parents, teachers and young people for free download and use.
Beat Drugs Fund 2016 Funding Exercise Fight Drugs Together 2016 The 2014/15 Survey of Drug Use among Students
Healthy School Programme The Three-year Plan on Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Services in Hong Kong (2015 - 2017) Drug Testing
Report of the Task Force on Youth Drug Abuse Parental Talk - Anti-drug Series (Chinese only) Seek Help - List of Major Organisations Providing Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Services
Anti-drug TV API
Anti-drug Telephone Enquiry Service
Drug InfoCentre
2015 Policy Address
Report on the Work of the Current-term Government in its Fourth Year
2015-16 Budget