Apart from the drug testing component in Healthy School Programme, diversified and comprehensive anti-drug activities can further promote a drug-free culture on campus and foster the healthy development of students’ lifestyles. Schools can co-ordinate with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to design related activities according to the school’s needs and development.

The anti-drug activities may cover internal or external extra-curricular activities, or be integrated into the school curriculum. The scope of activities is hereby suggested as follows -

Preventive anti-drug education activities

Schools may organise healthy life education exhibitions or fun fairs to deliver anti-drug messages and knowledge in causal and uplifting ways, promoting anti-drug culture and advocating a drug-free healthy lifestyle. Schools may also consider to further promote these messages to the community.

Skill training and life experience

Schools can make use of youth interest activities such as canoeing, dancing, etc. as an intervention strategy to develop students’ interests, train up their life skills and hence help them exert their potentials, escalate their self-confidence, and further establish positive and genuine psychological qualities. The diversified life experience activities such as adventure-based training camp is able to broaden students’ vision, nurture their perseverance and strengthen their will power and positive attitude towards challenges.

Appropriate values of healthy life

From personal health checks to a health conscious week at school can be ways to take care of students’ health development, to enlighten their awareness to healthy living and to stay away from drugs. Health Ambassador Projects, for instance, can initiate students to guide their peers to build up healthy life patterns and proper values.

Support to parents

Support from parents in building up a healthy school is indispensable and important. Co-operation between parents and teachers in planning and implementing anti-drug activities not only increase their understanding on drugs, but improve communication skills between parents and children, and hence harmonious and trustful family relationship can be established.