Animal-assisted Life Education Group - "Philosophy of Dogs’ Life"

Project Title:Animal-assisted Life Education Group - "Philosophy of Dogs’ Life"
Participating School(s):Buddhist Sin Tak College
Activity Brief:"Philosophy of Dogs’ Life" was an animal-assisted life education group which provided opportunities for students to interact with dogs and animals. Students learnt to get along with dogs, to observe dogs’ behaviours and to get to know their stories. Throughout the process, students were facilitated to make reflections on their own personal life stories as to promote the idea of life cherishing. Students expressed that they were inspired and had learnt to show more respect to life and to cherish what they got at present.

动物辅助生命教育小组 —「狗儿的生活哲学」 动物辅助生命教育小组 —「狗儿的生活哲学」