Under section 49D(1) of the DDO, there is a general prohibition with criminal sanctions against disclosure of any records of confidential information (Note 1) which is kept by Central Registry of Drug Abuse (CRDA) or a reporting agency, supply to any person information obtained from such record, or permitting access to any such record. Any person seeking to do any act mentioned in section 49D(1) shall ensure that the act is covered by consent under section 49F, or is otherwise lawful.

For the purposes of the Scheme, and without prejudice to other situations, the agencies providing support programme may report to CRDA the drug abuse situation of the identified student if the student and his parent/guardian so consent.

All information supplied to CRDA is handled in strict confidence and is accessible only to people who are directly involved in the operation of CRDA and are required to observe the rule of confidentiality.

Note 1: “Confidential information” means information which is recorded by the CRDA or a reporting agency in respect of any person and which relates to any one or more of the following –

(a) the use, or alleged use, by that person of a dangerous drug;

(b) the conviction of that person for an offence under the DDO; and

(c) the care, treatment or rehabilitation of that person by reason of his use of a dangerous drug.