Action Committee Against Narcotics and its Sub-committees
Action Committee Against Narcotics (ACAN)
Membership  Agenda of Meeting
is a non-statutory advisory body
chaired by a non-official member comprising experienced community personalities from the fields of social work, education, medical and community service
Terms of Reference:
To advise the Government on the policies to be adopted to interdict the illicit traffic in dangerous drugs into and through Hong Kong and to keep these policies under regular review.
To advise the Government on the measures necessary to eradicate drug abuse from the community.
To these ends, to be the channel for advice to the Government on the appropriate allocation of resources to ensure the implementation of Government's policies.
To ensure co-ordination and co-operation between government departments and voluntary agencies in Hong Kong working towards the implementation of these policies and to enlist public support for them.
To keep under review programmes and projects being undertaken by government departments and voluntary agencies directed at implementing Government's policies to ensure that they are effective.
To draw the attention of the Government to those policies, programmes, projects, laws and procedures which in the opinion of the committee should be changed in order to implement Government's policies more effectively.
To advise on any matter referred to it by the Government, or from any other appropriate source, which may be concerned either directly or indirectly with the implementation of Government's policies.
ACAN Sub-committees
ACAN Sub-committee on Preventive Education and Publicity  
  Agenda of Meeting
It advises ACAN on preventive education and publicity policy and programmes, monitors their effectiveness, and co-ordinates government efforts in this area.
ACAN Sub-committee on Treatment and Rehabilitation  
  Agenda of Meeting
It monitors the trend in the characteristics of drug abuse and drug persons, reviews the progress and effectiveness of government-funded treatment and rehabilitation programmes and advises ACAN on the development of treatment and rehabilitation facilities.
The role of the Narcotics Division
It is responsible for the formulation of policy, and overall co-ordination of anti-drug efforts of preventive education and publicity, treatment and rehabilitation, legislation and enforcement, external co-operation, and research.