Beat Drugs Fund

Application for Variations to Projects Affected by COVID-19
To facilitate grantees to cope with genuine implementation difficulties under the unprecedented situation, the Secretariat to the BDF Association is now accepting applications for variations to RFS projects affected by COVID-19 falling within one or more of the three designated categories. Grantees may submit applications by completing the appended application form and the respective Forms 1 to 4 as appropriate.
Application Form (English version only)
Respective Forms 1 to 4 (English version only)
A variation that impacts on overall output/outcome indicators provided that the applicant has demonstrated practicable actions have been or will be taken to mitigate the relevant impact
Form 1
Form 2
A variation between individual cost items that does not exceed 50% of the total approved grant and will not involve virement of funds from personal emolument to other cost items
Form 3
A variation involving reimbursement of project expenses inevitably incurred for activities which are cancelled due to COVID-19
Form 4
Applications are tentatively open within this calendar year (i.e. applications should reach the Secretariat by 31 December 2020 at the latest). For enquiries, please contact the Secretariat’s officers as stated in the respective grant approval letter.