Topical Researches - General Drug Abuse Trend
A Multilevel Analysis of the Demography of Drug Abuse in Hong Kong (2020)

Researcher: Prof. Stuart Gietel-Basten, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Background: Drug abuse harms society in multiple ways, and is a growing concern worldwide.

Aims: To explore the historical and latest changes in drug abuse in Hong Kong.

Method: Taking into account the demographic changes over time, we introduced the demographic data of the drug abusers for comparison of their characteristics across sub-populations. Socioeconomic and demographic factors that associated with drug abuse are then examined by multiple linear regression models. Finally, we have compared the studies on drug abuse of other regions for policy reference.

Results: Significant changes in both the number and rate of drug abuse by drug type, age, gender, ethnicity, district, education and economic activity from 1991 to 2016 are documented.

Conclusion: The research findings of this report support social policy design to curb drug abuse, which shall pay more attention to at-risk groups mentioned in this research and shall consider more financial support to reduce drug abuse.

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Monitoring Recent Changes of Cross-Border Drug Use and Their Implications for Prevention/Control Strategies (2017)

Researcher: Prof. Hua Zhong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
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