Treatment and Rehabilitation

Hong Kong has long-adopted a multi-modality approach to drug treatment and rehabilitation to cater for the divergent needs of drug dependent persons from varying backgrounds.

The main types of our drug treatment and rehabilitation programmes include -

compulsory placement scheme operated by the Correctional Services Department;
voluntary out-patient methadone treatment programme provided by the Department of Health;
voluntary residential drug treatment and rehabilitation programmes run by non-governmental organisations. There are 37 drug treatment and rehabilitation centres and halfway houses in the territory (19 of them are subvented by Department of Health or Social Welfare Department);
community-based counselling services, including 11 counselling centres for psychotropic substance abusers and two centres for drug counselling under subvention of Social Welfare Department;
substance abuse clinics operated by the Hospital Authority.

Anti-drug Enquiry and Major Organisations Providing Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Services
Services for Psychotropic Substances Abusers
Services for Heroin Abusers
Services for Sentenced Persons
Relevant Documents
Admission Statistics of Various Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Services
Estimates of Admissions by Broad Category of Drugs Abused