禁 毒 基 金 支 持 計 劃 「 參 與 體 育 、 拒 絕 毒 品 」
“Participate in Sports, Stay Away from Drugs” Programme in the 2017/18 School Year
Students in-charge: CHAN Chun-hei, CHAN Sze-hang, CHOI Man-chun, Natalie, CHU Hor-ting, LAW Abby, LEUNG Ka-ching, LUK Tin-yue, Nash, MAK Tsz-fei, WONG Hei-man, RAZA Syed Basharat, WONG Chung-ning, KOO Elvis, CHEUNG Siu-chun, Bryan, YUNG Tsz-kin, LAM Kwan-chak, LEUNG Harvest
Supervising Teacher: Ms LI Sau-sau, Esther


Name of Activities Date Activity Photos Description
Inter-class Darts Competition November – December 2017

To learn a new sport, darts, for fun. Scores were taken for the purpose of competition.
Chin-up Competition November – December 2017

To encourage students to do chin-up training and improve the strength of upper body. Sports ambassadors were responsible for taking the records of the chin-up competition. The best three records were written on the outstanding board as a motivation for students to strive for excellence in doing fitness exercises.
Sports Obstacle Carnival 12 July 2018

Listening Game

Smelling Game

Spinning Game

Tasting Game

Six game booths were set up for fun, four of which would let students test their various senses and experience the dysfunction of body and the side effects after taking drugs.
Sports-related Photography Competition May 2018

Outstanding photos and slogans were posted on PE boards.

Good Practice Sharing

We introduced the Anti-Drug Campaign into S3 PE Module last year. We aimed to develop students’ interests and explore more about the knowledge of sports science. S3 students took part as sports ambassadors in organising some sports-related games and activities with S4 PE DSE students.

Obstacle games were organised as an inter-class competition. Team spirit was cultivated in class activities. Students tried extremely hard to achieve better scores for their class. This was a very successful game organised and led by students. S1 students experienced the side effects of taking drugs through participating in different types of games. We had planned the sequence of each game well so as to ensure that the whole activity could be run smoothly.

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