禁 毒 基 金 支 持 計 劃 「 參 與 體 育 、 拒 絕 毒 品 」
“Participate in Sports, Stay Away from Drugs” Programme in the 2017/18 School Year
Students in-charge: NG Tsz-ching, WONG Cho-kiu, XIE Jiaxuan, Judy, LI Wai-kiu, LI Hei-chit, KO Ching-yu, LEUNG Pui-yiu, LEE Ming-miu, TSE Chun-chak, CHUI Yi-nga, YUEN Cheuk-kin
Supervising Teacher: Miss CHIU Fung-ying


Name of Activities Date Activity Photos Description
Training of Sport Service Team November 2017 – May 2018

To act as ambassadors in sports promotion, assist in operating the Gymnastic Corner and conducting the S1 and S2 Fitness Programme.
Inspirational Run and Cheering in Sports Day November – December 2017

Students from all houses chanted slogans to promote healthy lifestyles and foster students’ resolve to refuse drugs.

Cheering teams slogan competition with the theme of “beat drugs”.
S1 and S2 Fitness Programme November – December 2017 and February – May 2018

Training content:
  • Aerobic fitness
  • Strength and endurance
  • Muscular fitness
  • Flexibility
Various Intra-school Sports Competitions September 2017 – May 2018

To help students develop healthy lifestyles and a sense of belonging, improve physical fitness and body co-ordination through competitions.
S1 Anti-drug Swargame Workshop 27 March 2018

All S1 students participated in the workshop to learn the basic archery skills and teamwork.
Lawn Bowling Workshop 31 October 2017

Training was provided by Hong Kong Lawn Bowls Association.
Comic Drawing / Card Design Competition January – April 2018

To promote students’ creativity and determination in “Participate in Sports, Stay Away from Drugs”.
Commitment Action 27 March 2018

To enhance students’ awareness to refuse drugs, students wrote cards to commit the “beat drugs” wishes.
Healthy Life Booth Games Day 6 July 2018

Sports-related booth games were designed by S4 students to promote healthy lifestyles.
Inter-school Volleyball Tournament 23 December 2017

Four secondary schools were invited and an anti-drug slogan competition was held.

Sharing by Students in-charge

LEE Ming-miu and YUEN Cheuk-kin (Basketball Team Captains)

We mainly participated in the planning and operation of the basketball games. Through organising the games, we learned how to communicate with the participants, to draw up the schedule and rundown, to organise a prize presentation ceremony, etc. These things not only strengthened our self-confidence, but also raised our enthusiasm for sports.
Swargame workshop is one of the most impressive events to us. Students must stand firm and have physical strength to refuse drugs. All students had to write a card to express our commitment and determination to say no to drugs. The most touching part was that students expressed their concern and understanding of people affected by drugs by writing letters to them. It also showed our caring for the community.

LEUNG Pui-yiu (Volleyball Team Captain)

I mainly assisted in the inter-school volleyball tournament. A lot of things were learn, including preparation before the game, arranging duties, reception, ceremony and ordering the prize medals. I realise that physical strength, attitude, resilience and teamwork are important factors of success for the activity.
In sports day, Inspirational Run is a promotional event of the “Participate in Sports, Stay Away from Drugs” Programme. All houses had to join the anti-drug slogan design competition. All house members chanted the slogan designed by their house loudly. The house with the highest decibel was the winner. After that, all house members jog around the sports ground to express their determination by action. The scene was extraordinary and interesting.

CHUI Yi-nga and LI Hei-chit (Sports Service Team Leaders)

It was grateful for giving us the opportunity to take part in the promotion of fitness for health and the anti-drug campaign. Sports promotion could strengthen our physical fitness. Good results were also achieved in the dissemination of anti-drug messages.
S1 and S2 Fitness Programme was responsible by the Sports Service Team. Our ability in operating the Gymnastic Corner was enhanced. Through a series of workshops and practices, we became confident in performing duties as Sports Service Team Ambassadors and student staff in sports events.

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