Narcotics Division, Security Bureau

Work of Narcotics Division

The Narcotics Division (ND) of the Security Bureau is tasked with co-ordinating policies and measures across the public sector, non-government organisations (NGOs) and the community to combat the problem of drug abuse. It also assists in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing.

Headed by the Commissioner for Narcotics, ND join hands with the Action Committee Against Narcotics to combat the drug abuse problem through following five-pronged strategy -

  1. Enactment of and review on legislation to target illegal supply, trafficking and use of psychotropic substances and law enforcement by the Police and the Customs and Excise Department;

  2. Preventive education and publicity programmes organised by ND, other departments, and community partners and non-government organisations;

  3. Treatment and rehabilitation services for drug dependent persons;

  4. Research work facilitating the formulation of anti-drug strategies and programmes; and

  5. External co-operation enabling joint actions and exchange of information on anti-drug matters with Mainland and overseas authorities.

About Narcotics Division

About Narcotics Division

Advisory Bodies

  1. Action Committee Against Narcotics and its Sub-committees

  2. Drug Liaison Committee

  3. Research Advisory Group

  4. Hong Kong Narcotics and Anti-money Laundering Report

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