Anti-drug Resources for Teachers and Social Workers

Anti-drug Preventive Education

Anti-drug Enquiry and Major Organisations Providing Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Services
Anti-drug Training Programmes for School Personnel
Anti-drug education programme
Healthy School Programme with a Drug Testing Component
Beat Drugs with Sports

Other Resources

Voice Out! (Chinese only)
錯過‧不錯過 (Chinese only)
藝術共融 (Chinese only)
Project HERO – MSM Support Service
Community Study on Drug Abusers of Methamphetamine in Hong Kong
The 10th Mainland, Hong Kong and Macau Conference on Prevention of Drug Abuse 2017 (Chinese only)
An Integrated Humanistic and Cognitive-Behavioral Training Program to Promote Effective and Sustained Anti-Drug Work
Healthy LGBT Community
One Touch New Life II
Continuation of the Path-finding Adventure Project
Sprouting a New Life Journey: A Holistic Parent Counselling, Education and Support Program for Drug-Abusing Parents (Chinese only)
Project ADSF (Chinese only)
Project of "Marvellous Trip for Resisting drugs" - Professional Integrated Training Course (Chinese only)

Useful Links :

Rehabilitation Pioneer Project by Correctional Services Department
P.A.T.H.S. to Adulthood: A Jockey Club Youth Enhancement Scheme
Teaching resources by Hong Kong Education City (Chinese only)
Anti-drug resources by Moral and Civic Education Section of Education Bureau (Chinese only)
Adolescent Health Programme, Student Health Service, Deparment of Health
"Smart Patient" by Hospital Authority
Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Service provided by Kwai Chung Hospital
Information on Castle Peak Hospital
Mental Health Education Information by Institute of Mental Health, Castle Peak Hospital
Primary Care Co-ordinating Committee "NTE Health Choices"


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