Anti-drug Resources for Youths

Activities organised by the Narcotics Division

Fight Drugs Together 2019 (Chinese only)
Fight Drugs Together 2018 (Chinese only)
Fight Drugs Together 2017 (Chinese only)
Anti-drug event 2012 (Chinese only)
"Knock Drugs Out with Love" event (Chinese only)

Anti-drug activities supported by the Beat Drugs Fund

Project Shine (I) (Chinese only)
Project Shine (II) (Chinese only)
Project IAPT (Chinese only)
Short-term Residential Program for Teens (II) (Chinese only)
Ethnic Minorities Calendar
Youth Express VI (Chinese only)
Youth Express VII (Chinese only)
Youth Express VIII (Chinese only)
Youth Express IX (Chinese only)
Youth Express X (Chinese only)
Youth Express XI (Chinese only)
"Fresh Express" An Integrated Community Project on Anti Youth Drug Abuse at Wong Tai Sin - Annual Booklet (Chinese only)
"Fresh Express" - Anti-drug Comic (Chinese only)
i-Body (Chinese only)
i-Love (Chinese only)
i-Mind (Chinese only)
Anti-drug Community Education Program (Chinese only)
iLife ihealth (Chinese only)
“Chasing Life” Internet and physical outreach program for identification and Brief Motivational Intervention for Hidden Substance Abusers and their families (Chinese only)
A targeted urological treatment program for secondary school students abusing psychotropic substance [The Youth Urological Treatment Centre of the Prince of Wales Hospital welcomes medical appointments by youths from all districts of Hong Kong (Tel: 2632 3773)]

Other anti-drug resources

How to Say NO to Drugs

Useful Links

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime - The Global Youth Network
Fresh U by Christian New Being Fellowship (Chinese only)


Some publications are in Portable Document Format (PDF). Viewing and printing of them can be done through the use of the Adobe Acrobat Reader

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