Anit-drug Policy

Our Mission

Our mission is to formulate policy on anti-drug matters and to co-ordinate anti-drug efforts in law enforcement, preventive education, research, international co-operation and treatment and rehabilitation services.

We carry out this mission by
- acting on the advice of the Action Committee Against Narcotics;
- initiating and reviewing legislation and law enforcement measures against drug trafficking;
- implementing and facilitating the provision of preventive education and publicity programmes, and treatment and rehabilitation services;
- administering the Central Registry of Drug Abuse;
- providing funding and planning support for anti-drug community involvement activities;
- co-ordinating drug-related research; and
- having international co-operation in anti-drug and anti-money laundering and countering terrorist financing regime.
We pledge to press ahead with the campaign to beat drugs in which all of us have a part to play to win the battle against drugs.

How To Tackle the Problem of Drug Trafficking and Drug Abuse?
What can we do to stop the problem and develop a drug-free community
- The Police and the Customs carry out vigorous efforts to interdict illicit drug supplies. Our law enforcement effort is to identify and prosecute drug traffickers and make drug abuse as costly and difficult as possible.
- We also give high priority to international co-operation as we understand that ultimate success in the eradication of drug abuse from the community requires determined, effective and co-ordinated action at the international level.
- Supply reduction alone is, however, not enough. We need to control demand for drugs. Government and voluntary agencies make preventive education and publicity efforts to promote anti-drug messages. The more people know about the evils of drug abuse, the more they prefer a drug-free life.
- A variety of treatment and rehabilitation programmes are also provided to help drug abusers to curb the drug habit and lead a new life.
- To provide a database for policy making, our research efforts facilitate the planning of appropriate anti-drug strategies and programmes.

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