Drug Information

FAQ on Drugs

What are the consequences of abusing drugs?

Each drug has its own potential risks. The risks can be potentiated by impurities or adulterants, and the unique reaction of each individual user. It is also noteworthy that taking drugs with alcohol is even more dangerous and can be fatal.

What will happen if one takes more than one kind of drug at a time?

Taking more than one kind of a drug at a time is extremely dangerous because even small doses of each may prove fatal. Complex interaction can occur among various types of drugs and increase the risk of harm or fatality.

Is there minimal harm in abusing psychotropic substances?

Absolutely NOT! Prolonged use of psychotropic substance in high doses is likely to distort an individual perception of and response to environment. Drug users are likely to be a hazard to themselves and to others.

Can drug abuse make you happy?

No! Many drugs affect emotions. If someone is angry, anxious, or depressed, drugs could worsen the situation. Drugs that are thought to have a calming effect can also induce sudden impulses as well as affect one's social behaviour and inhibition.

Are drugs addictive?

Yes! Drugs not only alter behaviour, but also create physical and psychological dependence to varying degrees. Physical dependence causes withdrawal symptoms when the drug is discontinued. Psychological dependence causes a craving for the drug to ease the abuser's mind.

How to say NO to drugs?

1. To say NO directly
2. To say NO using an excuse
3. To say NO with a counter proposal

Is it illegal to use drugs?

Possession of dangerous drugs; smoking, inhaling, ingesting or injecting dangerous drugs is illegal. Maximum penalty: imprisonment for 7 years and a fine of $1 million.

What is the penalty of drug trafficking in Hong Kong?

Trafficking or manufacturing of dangerous drugs is illegal. Maximum penalty: Imprisonment for life and a fine of $5 million.