The out-patient methadone treatment programme, operated by the Department of Health, provides both methadone maintenance and methadone detoxification programmes. By blocking their craving for opiate drugs, methadone helps to reduce illicit self-administration of such drugs by opiate abusers. Patients may choose to be maintained on methadone if they are unable to attain total abstinence, or to be detoxified through gradual reduction in the methadone consumed.

Programme Agency Telephone Major Target Client (Note) Target Client (Sex) Treatment service Aftercare service
Drug treatment Duration of
Half-way house Counselling by social worker Religious counselling Recreation Occupational counselling Self-help group
Out-patient Methadone Treatment Programme Department of Health
Methadone Clinics
2835 1831
2835 1834
N M/F Y     Y        

Note: N : Opiate narcotics abusers     P : Psychotropic substance abusers