Let’s Stand Firm. Knock Drugs Out!

The Narcotics Division of the Security Bureau launched a brand-new anti-drug publicity to rally community support for combating drug abuse. This includes an anti-drug logo with the slogan “Let’s Stand Firm. Knock Drugs Out!”, a pair of anti-drug ambassadors and a new set of TV and radio Announcements in the Public Interest (APIs). This publicity campaign aims to remind members of the public, especially young people, to join hands to stay away from drugs and encourage drug abusers to seek help early.

Anti-drug logo and slogan

Anti-drug logo and slogan

The new anti-drug logo has a stylised design. Its signature fist-bumping movement demonstrates the determination to fight against drugs together. The hairstyle symbolises a pair of wings, which represents young people shall stay away from drugs and soar high.

Anti-drug ambassadors “Agent Don’t” and “Agent Hope”

Anti-drug ambassador

“Beat Drugs Squad” is formed by “Agent Don’t” and “Agent Hope”, and their names respectively refer to “don’t take drugs” and the hope of a positive life. Their signature fist-bumping movement demonstrates the power and determination of “Say No To Drugs”.